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The SIN Bin for Wednesday, July 6, 2011!

July 6, 2011 Scooped By: Brad & Chris [No Comments]

Jump into the newest feature that’s taken SIR to the next level! Our live blog brings you links, photos, and commentary that you’ll get exclusively here at The SIRmon.

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The SIN Bin for today’s live programming starts now!

12:12 PM

Just announced today!

New “Clerks” kicks from Etnies and Journey Shoes Now Available!


11:58 AM

Bug Alan @AlanWysocki

11:40 AM

David Hasselhoff joins S.O.A. Season 4

11:38 AM

TSA warns of possible airline threat involving implanted bombs

11:32 AM

Altoona Teen Christian Michael Latshaw – 17 – run over by train and survives

11:21 AM

Follow ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’ @bookofpureevil and Anthony Leo @anthonyaircraft

10:12 AM

St. Monica’s Catholic Church

10:08 AM

Kevin Smith interviews Tom Cruise – Feb 2004

10:00 AM

Jerry Maguire

“Jerry Maguire” is available for instant watch on Netflix right now for subscribers.

09:59 AM

Buy your Hummel figurines here

09:53 AM

True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor [Paperback]

09:53 AM

Mohr and O'Connell

09:48 AM

Check out Jay Mohr’s SNL characters and appearance data.

09:45 AM

Gasping For Airtime: Two Years In the Trenches of Saturday Night Live [Hardcover]

09:41 AM

09:36 AM

09:31 AM

09:31 AM

09:29 AM

Opie & Anthony – Jay Mohr’s Colin Quinn Impression

09:27 AM

One of Jay Mohr’s best impressions : Christopher Walken reads Goodnight Moon

09:25 AM

09:23 AM

youtube : Jay Mohr monologue at 2011 NHL Awards

09:19 AM

youtube : 1971 American Tourister “Gorilla” Commercial

09:18 AM

Jay Mohr’s wiki page

09:15 AM

Death Row Records

09:13 AM

Jay Mohr is in the studio!

09:06 AM

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09:04 AM

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08:57 AM

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08:55 AM

Kevin reveals that he’s been asked to do a live Q&A in Iceland! Planned for Fall of 2011. Details soon.


08:52 AM

time.com : Iceland Mulls Selling Cigarettes By Prescription Only

08:48 AM

whiotv.com : Dayton Woman’s Mom Alive, Not Dead Like She Was Told

08:47 AM

us magazine : Kim Kardashian’s OJ Simpson Ties Resurface Amid Casey Anthony Talk

08:45 AM

ok! magazine : Jay Leno Jokes About Casey Anthony Verdict: “O.J. Jury Moved to Florida”

08:45 AM

msnbc.com : Juror: Casey Anthony verdict was the right one

08:44 AM

the atlantic : Kenneth Cole ‘Hijacks’ Cairo Hashtag

08:43 AM

the atlantic : Entenmann’s Unwittingly Hijacks Casey Anthony Hashtag

08:40 AM

08:40 AM

washington post : Entenmann’s Hashtag Surfing Fails Hard With #NotGuilty Tweet

08:36 AM

tmz.com : Weston Cage’s Apartment — Blood Everywhere

08:34 AM

By a substantial margin, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed person on the new social network, Google+.

08:32 AM

What’s a #hashtag?

08:31 AM

voanews.com : President Obama to Host Twitter Town Hall on Economy

08:29 AM

08:27 AM

moviebanter.com : Captain America Title Changed Internationally

08:23 AM

Jay Mohr played Bob Sugar in Jerry Maguire

08:22 AM

Teen Wolf

08:19 AM

Today’s guest will be @JayMohr37

08:17 AM

And we’re live…

08:03 AM

We’ll be starting in about 10 minutes…

08:00 AM

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