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TGIF! Here’s Your Friday, July 8th SIN Bin…

July 8, 2011 Scooped By: Brad & Chris [No Comments]

Welcome aboard, and happy Friday, as we wrap up the first week of coverage at the minty fresh SIRMon.

Thanks for coming on board with the fast, fun live blog we like to call the SIN Bin, where we’ll flood you with information about what you’re hearing over the next few hours. Because we want to.

Today, “Chuck” star Zachary Levi sits down in the living room to discuss his online venture, Nerd Machine and whatever else might happen to come up.

11:56 AM

Secret Service raids Apple store artist for snapping 1000 spy photos

11:55 AM

Potato Soup and Botulism: A Cautionary Tale – unread story

11:53 AM

Subscribe to Nooner with Dan Etheridge and Marty Yu

11:47 AM

11:42 AM

Atlantis Blasts Off On Shuttle Program’s Final Mission

11:39 AM

Man Tries To Steal Plane From Flight School

11:37 AM

Man dies after falling out of stands at MLB stadium

11:35 AM

Mallrats, Mallrats &

11:19 AM

Wife of man killed by bear escaped with her life after playing dead

11:18 AM

Hiker killed by grizzly bear in Yellowstone

11:16 AM

Winklevoss twins end legal battle against Facebook founder Zuckerberg

11:12 AM

Follow-Up News:

‘Spider-Man’: Worked Over And Reworked, Does It Work Better Now?

11:09 AM

Train-Bus Collision In An Unmanned Crossing Kills 33

11:08 AM

Dublin Bus investigating crash

10:59 AM

Thousands join hunger strike over state’s prison isolation units

10:56 AM

Beats by Dre Headphones

10:52 AM

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10:46 AM

Police find burglar with blow-up doll in Woodbridge, VA sex shop

10:41 AM

Texas Carries Out Controversial Execution

10:39 AM

Longmont Chili’s Mistakenly Serves 3 Children Tequila On July 4th

10:37 AM

Jay and Jordan

10:36 AM

10:33 AM

Henry Hudson Regional School

10:32 AM

10:26 AM

The Mewes News Bus Stop

10:24 AM

10:22 AM

See Jay & Silent Bob Get Jobs and Hollywood Babble-On in San Diego! Friday July 22!

10:18 AM

Watch 24 again and again

10:14 AM

Jason Mewes and Jay West are LIVE on SIR from Winnipeg. Tweet him @JandBobGetJobs

10:10 AM

Chuck Crashed Our Servers today! Where’s a real-life “Chuck” when you need one? Zachary Levi was so popular and so many of you were attempting to access the live blog during the interview, The SIRmon crashed and burned. We backfilled a bunch of new content you might have missed in the life blog, so be sure to read down and check it out.

We apologize for the outage, and will be continuing to tweak and upgrade as we work out the bugs.

In minutes…Jason Mewes jumps into the live stream! Stay tuned.

10:06 AM

The jam packed Friday schedule:

7:00pm – Crazy 4 Cult 5 at Gallery 1988

8:00pm – SMaudition at The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre

10:00pm – Hollywood Babble-On at The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre

10:03 AM

Follow Zachary Levi @ZacharyLevi and Nerd Machine @TheNerdMachine

10:02 AM

Operation Smile

Donate to Zachary Levi’s “Operation Smile”!

09:57 AM

the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego

09:56 AM

Wikipedia: “Chuck”

09:51 AM

Nerd HQ

09:48 AM

Wikipedia: “Monsters” (2010 Film)

09:47 AM

Follow Freddie Wong on Twitter.

09:47 AM

youtube : FPS Shooter

09:45 AM

Wikipedia: Firefly, TV Series

09:44 AM

abcnews : Nutty ‘Jericho’ Fans Make CBS Reconsider Canceling Show

09:43 AM

Eat Fresh!

Chuck & Subway

09:42 AM

Twilight fans @ Comic Con

Twilight Fans

09:41 AM

LA Times : Moving soaps from TV to Web: Easier said than done

09:40 AM


09:38 AM

Robot Chicken

The Guild

09:37 AM

NERD Machine Logo

Clothes for Nerds : The Nerd Machine

09:36 AM

CBS Radford Studios

CBS Radford Studios

09:33 AM

Lake Charles, Louisiana

09:31 AM

Season 5 is CHUCK’s last season .CHUCK will be in syndication and will have closure, unlike most shows.

09:20 AM

hulu : Less Than Perfect PILOT

09:20 AM

“Less Than Perfect” Cast

Less Than Perfect Cast

09:13 AM

09:12 AM

youtube : Zachary Levi Singing on the Oscars

09:11 AM

Please welcome @ZacharyLevi into the studio!

09:10 AM


09:09 AM

seesmod.com : Get your tickets for Kevin & Jay’s show at the New York Comic Con!

09:08 AM

Tonight – SMaudition and Babble On at the Lovitz! All your ticket links via our Calendar.

09:04 AM

“Virgils’ All-Night Diner” offers news and commentary on pop culture.

Virgil’s all night podcast offers a monthly podcast http://virgilsallnightdiner.com/?cat=6 and custom content in Virgil TV http://virgilsallnightdiner.com/?cat=217 .

Follow @VirgilsDiner on twitter. And watch for their relaunch and redesign at the end of this summer!


09:03 AM

09:03 AM

wiki : Maria Reynolds

09:01 AM

urban dictionary : pusstacular

09:00 AM

about.com : Marital Sex Statistics Who’s Doing It and How Often?

08:56 AM

HBO: John Adams Series

08:55 AM

huffpost : Marital Histories Of America’s Founding Fathers

08:52 AM

wiki : Frequency of sexual activity


08:50 AM

youtube : Labyrinth – Within You

08:43 AM

The Jig Is Up! MSNBC.com : Guys Like To Cuddle More, according to a recent research study.

08:39 AM

time : Penis Size: It May Be Written in the Length of His Fingers

08:37 AM

thebulletin : With freeway shutdown, L.A. set for ‘Carmageddon’

08:34 AM

people magazine : Kate Wears the Same Jeans – Three Times!

08:33 AM

tmz : Tony Parker — INSANE ,000 Jet Pack Ride

08:31 AM

08:30 AM


08:29 AM

The shuttle is off!

08:27 AM

time : Baby Einsteins: Not So Smart After All

08:25 AM

08:23 AM

wired : Watch Now: NASA’s Final Space Shuttle Mission

08:20 AM

Watch the shuttle go up here… http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/

Today’s launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis, mission STS-135, signals the end of the shuttle program as we know it and the closing of a chapter in American human spaceflight.

08:19 AM

Tomorrow is the 2 month anniversary of S.I.R.!

08:18 AM

wiki : Michael Parks

Parks in

08:17 AM

Kevin & Bean podcast http://kroq.radio.com/the-kevin-bean-show-podcast/

08:16 AM

Tonight – SMaudition and Babble On at the Lovitz! All your ticket links via our Calendar.

08:16 AM


100 artists take aim at classic cult films

Opening Reception: Friday, July 8th, 7-11PM


08:02 AM

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