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SIN Bin for Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 Scooped By: Ming, Brad, & Chris [No Comments]
  • Welcome to week two of SIR and its most exciting new feature, the SIN Bin. After Friday’s interview crashed our servers, we’ve decided to make a few changes that will temporarily allow us to offload the traffic — In other words, the site should refresh and in general run a lot faster for you during today’s live broadcast.

    Please stick with us as we work out the bugs, and read on, as Plus One Per Diem returns live this morning. As always, new links and content will appear just below. Follow along live and interact with the ‘net as you listen to SIR!

    11:59 AM

    And that’s it for today. Thanks for joining us!

    11:50 AM

    Jay will be at the San Diego Comic Con starting July 22

    Fearnet will be being airing Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil on August 2!

    11:48 AM

    io9 : Kevin Smith’s ‘Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers’

    11:46 AM

    buzzsugar : Box Office: Transformers Continues to Dominate

    11:40 AM

    npr : Jeter 3,000: A Diamond Throwback, Still Shining

    11:36 AM

    npr : Ten Safe Social Networking Sites For Kids

    11:35 AM

    the smoking gun : America’s Oldest Crack Dealer To Celebrate Her 89th Birthday In Prison

    11:30 AM

    l.a. times : ‘Bumper’ crop of crystal meth found stashed in car near border

    11:28 AM

    abc news : Feds Investigate Stun Gun Found on Jet Blue Flight

    11:24 AM

    wiki : Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

    11:11 AM

    10:45 AM

    Map of Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    10:41 AM

    huff post : Denver Now Has More Marijuana Dispensaries Than It Does Starbucks

    10:39 AM

    wiki : 24

    10:35 AM

    skype : sir.smodcast

    10:27 AM

    ADT Security Systems

    10:24 AM

    Jay & Silent Bob Get Jobs starts now with Jason Mewes and Jason West live from Winnepeg!

    10:18 AM

    That’s all for Plus One Per Diem today, Jason Mewes will be coming up shortly with a new episode of Jay & Silent Bob Gets Jobs!

    10:12 AM

    10:10 AM

    10:07 AM

    wiki :Linda Hunt

    10:05 AM

    Cheaterville website.

    10:04 AM

    Gets your tickets right HERE for the San Diego House Of Blues shows during Comic Con!

    10:02 AM

    Pinnacle Vodka

    09:51 AM

    Gallery 1988 – Crazy 4 Cult

    View all of the original artwork right HERE.

    You can buy Cult Movie Art the book right HERE.

    09:48 AM

    wiki : Tucker & Dale vs Evil

    09:46 AM

    netflix : Brokedown Palace

    09:44 AM

    youtube : Brokedown Palace Trailer

    09:42 AM

    time : Why It’s So Hard to Quit Smoking

    09:41 AM

    time.com : Iceland Mulls Selling Cigarettes By Prescription Only

    09:39 AM

    wiki : C. Everett Koop

    09:38 AM

    wiki : Brokedown Palace

    09:37 AM

    new york times : Call Off the Global Drug War

    09:37 AM

    wiki : Richard Branson

    09:34 AM

    time : U.S. Rules Marijuana Has No Medical Use. What Does Science Say?

    09:33 AM

    Buy your own Ka-Block T-shirt!

    09:32 AM

    09:31 AM

    09:30 AM

    youtube : George Carlin – Saving the Planet

    09:29 AM

    msnbc.com : Bad bug: Gonorrhea strain resists all antibiotics

    09:25 AM

    wiki : The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

    09:20 AM

    wiki : Fecal Transplant

    09:17 AM

    ctv news : Seven Ont. hospitals still fighting C. difficile outbreaks

    09:14 AM

    aliso viejo patch : No Ifs or Ands, but Lots of Butts

    09:11 AM

    beacon news : 615,000 without power, travel delays after storms pelt Chicago area

    09:10 AM

    “Inventory” – The irreverant new slacker comedy.

    info@castparty.com and tell us how you’d promote Inventory if you like it

    Go to inventorymovie.com to check out the movie.

    100 free DVDs are going to Kevin Smith fans to write info@castparty.com . The flick was made in Boston for under 100 grand!

    09:08 AM

    See our calendar for dates and ticket information for all of the Smod crew’s appearances!

    09:05 AM

    seesmod.com : Get your tickets for Kevin & Jay’s show at the New York Comic Con!

    09:01 AM

    time : Cheaterville: Will This Website Tell You If Your Partner Is Cheating

    09:00 AM

    wiki : The Battle Of Alberta

    08:59 AM

    thestar : Travel News: Why Calgary has a statue of Wayne Gretzky

    08:56 AM

    This week’s guests :

    Tuesday – Jason Reitman

    Thursday – Chris Hardwick

    Friday – Tyler Labine

    08:54 AM

    08:52 AM

    Kevin’s Google+ site

    08:49 AM

    variety : Fantasia Fest set to open : 15th annual gathering to begin on Thursday

    08:49 AM

    wiki : Journey

    08:47 AM

    youtube : Screech Owls at WildCare

    08:46 AM

    08:45 AM

    youtube – Gran Torino Ending (SPOILERS!)

    amazon – Gran Torino Soundtrack

    08:43 AM

    08:41 AM

    youtube : Harry Chapin – Cat’s In The Cradle

    08:34 AM

    08:32 AM

    08:31 AM

    08:30 AM

    08:23 AM

    08:04 AM

    wiki : Limitless

    07:59 AM

    07:57 AM

    07:55 AM

    07:54 AM

    Today is free Slurpee Day at 7-11

    07:46 AM

    We’ll be going live in about 10 minutes…

    07:44 AM

    Follow @theSIRmon on Twitter.

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