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The SIN Bin for Wednesday, July 13!

July 13, 2011 Scooped By: Brad, Chris, Ming [No Comments]

Welcome to hump day, and today’s real-time, living, breathing blog of all your live SModcast Internet Radio action we like to call the SIN Bin.

And with that, live blogging begins.

Listen to the archived episode of PLUS ONE PER DIEM.
Listen to the archived episode of JAY & SILENT BOB GET JOBS.

12:52 PM

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12:49 PM

12:43 PM

Lord Byron

12:27 PM

Is Jennifer Lopez Finally Saying “Yes!” to Another Season of American Idol?

12:19 PM

New Book Claims Hitler Gave Sex Dolls to Nazi Soldiers

A new book reveals that Adolf Hitler ordered the manufacture of Aryan blow up dolls to discourage his troops from sleeping with disease-ridden prostitutes.

12:15 PM

12:13 PM

12:10 PM

Hollywood Stars Play for Controversial Charity

12:01 PM

‘I’ve never heard anything anti-gay come out his mouth’: Mel Gibson’s homosexual brother Andrew defends Hollywood star

11:58 AM

Malia Obama Has First Kiss and Boyfriend!

11:54 AM

The Bob and Tom Radio Show

11:50 AM

Alleged Halle Berry stalker charged with felony

11:36 AM

11:35 AM

James Franco and Kalup Linzy ‘turn it up’


11:31 AM

Justin Bieber is Driving a New Cause

11:28 AM

MTV gets tough with ‘Jersey Shore’ cast members

11:25 AM

Is Brooke Mueller back on drugs just ten days after her last stint in rehab?

11:22 AM

Driver smokes joint at police stop

11:21 AM

Sara Schaefer

11:17 AM

You Had To Be There Podcast

11:16 AM

11:15 AM

11:12 AM

11:06 AM

Jay and Silent Bob Get Jobs with guest host Nikki Glaser is on the air!

10:49 AM

Now Playing: SMaudition – Kevin Smith and Nikki Glaser – 13 minutes

10:47 AM

SIR will run 20 minutes of SMaudition with Kevin and come back LIVE

10:45 AM

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old at The Lovitz – Friday July 15

Hollywood Babble-On at The Lovitz – Saturday July 16

10:41 AM

Freida Pinto and James Franco

10:40 AM

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

10:34 AM

Butterbeer and the

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

10:26 AM

10:26 AM

imdb: Sid & Nancy

10:23 AM

imdb: One Day

10:22 AM

10:20 AM


10:18 AM

10:14 AM

Giant Touch Screen Powers Star Wars Fleet Commander Game

10:13 AM

10:08 AM

10:06 AM

Peter O’Toole in The Tudors

10:04 AM

imdb: Get Low

imdb: My Favorite Year

10:01 AM

imdb: Nobody’s Fool

10:00 AM

09:59 AM

09:57 AM

09:54 AM

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

09:52 AM

Tea at the Dorchester Hotel

09:50 AM

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09:45 AM

See SMod! seesmod.com and

09:42 AM

09:40 AM

wiki : Y2K

09:39 AM

l.a. times : 405 Freeway Closure Will Make July 16, 17 the ‘Carmageddon’ of Traffic Mayhem in Los Angeles

09:37 AM

wiki : Shelbyville

09:36 AM

l.a. times : ‘South California’ proposed as 51st state by Republican supervisor

09:33 AM

usa today : Romney says no to controversial marriage pledge

09:32 AM

comic book movie : Kevin Smith/Martin Caidin’s The Bionic Man Coming to Comics From Dynamite Entertainment

09:31 AM

09:28 AM

09:28 AM

wiki : Insidious

09:27 AM

wiki : Body Water

09:25 AM

09:25 AM

wiki : Signs

09:22 AM

yahoo movies : Fanatic Farmer Creates Harry Potter Corn Maze

09:21 AM

wiki : Ben & Jerry’s

wiki : MaggieMoo’s

09:21 AM

brnaford patch : July is National Ice Cream Month! … and Sunday is National Ice Cream Day!

09:17 AM

09:15 AM

wall street journal : Reader Consult: Should Severely Obese Kids Be Taken From Their Parents?

09:12 AM

guardian.co.uk : BSkyB’s statement regarding the decision by News Corp to drop its bid

09:11 AM

Cruise to Vancouver?

09:09 AM

wiki : Lovey Howell

09:08 AM

youtube : Gloria Estefan – Rhythm is Gonna Get You

09:06 AM

wiki : Dinosaur Jr.

09:06 AM

wiki : Mudhoney

09:05 AM

wiki : Rivers Cuomo

09:04 AM

wiki : Lou Barlow

09:03 AM

ology : Yes, There Is A Weezer-Themed Cruise Ship

09:00 AM

cbs news : Angry subscribers react to Netflix price hike on Twitter with funny “Dear Netflix” tweets

08:59 AM

wiki : Black Oil

08:57 AM

huffpost : Truck Spills 14 Million Bees On Idaho Highway

08:57 AM

08:55 AM

08:54 AM

variety : Locarno unveils high-profile lineup

08:52 AM

08:52 AM

08:51 AM

08:46 AM

08:45 AM

wiki : John and Lorena Bobbitt

08:42 AM

08:41 AM

l.a. times : Woman accused of cutting off husband’s penis held on 1 million bail

08:40 AM

merriam-webster : gruntle

grun·tle verb \ˈgrən-təl\

transitive verb

: to put in a good humor

08:38 AM

wiki : Jabberjaw

08:37 AM

huff post : Embrace Your Inner Geek Day Let’s You Celebrate Your Inner Urkel

08:36 AM

huff post : ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser Trailer Bootleg Hits Web (VIDEO)

08:34 AM

08:09 AM

The show will be starting in about 20 minutes…

08:00 AM

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