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Dylan O’Brien Joins Per Diem – LIVE SIN Bin for Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

July 20, 2011 Scooped By: Chris, Ming, Brad [No Comments]

Welcome to Wednesday in the SIN Bin, exclusively here on SIR. Today, we’re also proud to announce – In-window YouTube is BACK! You can now stream any video references we make here in the bin without leaving the site, glitch-free. Should be fun.

Wednesday of Comic Con week brings us our last live edition of the SIN Bin with “Plus One Per Diem” and “Get Jobs” both live from the living room today, before Kevin and the gang head in for what’s sure to be an eventful weekend in San Diego. Don’t miss our just-announced news that Kevin will host a brief signing appearance on Friday afternoon!

Today on Plus One Per Diem, “Teen Wolf” star Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles on the show, wraps up “Wolf Week” as an in-studio guest.

As always, read from the bottom up if you’re reading later. Live listeners, kick back and enjoy.

Listen to the archived episode of PLUS ONE PER DIEM.
Listen to the archived episode of JAY & SILENT BOB GET JOBS.

10:38 AM

No Mewes today – he is sick. Enjoy Jay & Silent Bob Get Jobs in it’s place.

10:31 AM

Kevin’s Con schedule kicks off at Nerd HQ with Jason Mewes, live from San Diego. More info at Nerd HQ.

Also be sure to join Hollywood Babble-On Live and Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Live at The House of Blues in San Diego on Friday, July 22. Tickets available at smodcast.com

10:29 AM

Tell ‘em Steve-Dave Live fills in for Plus One Per Diem on Thursday and Friday.

10:28 AM

Thank you Dylan O’Brien!

10:23 AM

Shaving Ken Styles Doll

10:15 AM

Melting Faces…

10:13 AM

Lugging Cable…

10:08 AM

“Tyler is insanely good at Halo”

09:59 AM

Brittany Robertson

09:57 AM

imdb: the First Time

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Tyler Posey

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09:28 AM

wiki : Moses

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youtube : Dylan’s Videos

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imdb : The High Road

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wiki : Dylan O’Brien

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See SMod: Babble On in Houston, TX/a> and see SMod live in a lot of other spots over the next few months.

09:12 AM

Coming right up Dylan O’Brien from TEEN WOLF.

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prussian blue

09:10 AM

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toke of the times : Reformed Nazi Twin Singers Renounce Racism; Credit Marijuana

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Nerd HQ Tickets – Benefits “Operation Smile”.

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ho ho ho

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08:58 AM

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08:55 AM

08:52 AM

huff post : Tyler Hadley, Florida Teen, Killed Parents, Then Had A Party: Police

08:50 AM

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kevin pereria

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hot hardware : Breaking the Rules on Google+ Gets You Google -

08:39 AM

sott.net : US: Father and Son Both Victims of Lightning, 48 Years Apart

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Green Arrow

Captain Marvel





08:35 AM

flavorwire : Cool Faux-Vintage “Captain America” Posters

08:34 AM

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wiki : Dum Dum Dugan

08:32 AM

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08:30 AM

cap pimping war bonds

08:30 AM

08:26 AM


08:25 AM

Kevin & Harley at CAPTAIN AMERICA Premiere

08:24 AM

JLA Water Skiing

@ryanamoore : Saw this pic and thought of @ThatKevinSmith and his love of JLA on @PlusOnePerDiem

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case mate


Check out the Jay & Silent Bob iPhone case design contest!

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