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SIR is LIVE with Guest Kevin Pollak for Tuesday, August 23, 2011 – Here’s The SIN Bin!

August 23, 2011 Scooped By: Brad & Chris [No Comments]
  • Kevin, Jen and the crew were on fire yesterday, back after over a week of SIR vacation due to TV tapings and the Canadian tour. This week, it’s back into the living room with new editions of “Plus One Per Diem” and “Jay & Silent Bob Get Jobs”. The fun starts at 8 AM PST and is scheduled to run a full four hours, until 12 noon PST (3 PM EST). ALL WEEK LONG.

    Today, the funny and talented Kevin Pollak sits down in the studio for “Plus One”. He’s got his own insanely popular weekly podcast.

    New to the SIN Bin? It’s easy to use. Just start up the live feed on your right via our widget, or over in another browser window/tab at www.smodcast.com. Then, listen, sit back, and watch the visuals unfold. Your SIN Bin starts here!

    Listen to the archived episode of PLUS ONE PER DIEM.
    Listen to the archived episode of JAY & SILENT BOB GET JOBS.

    12:53 PM

    Tomorrow on “Plus One”, Zachary Levi returns! See ya then.

    12:52 PM

    HBO Ad!

    12:48 PM

    Liam Gallagher taking brother Noel to court for lying about Oasis break-up

    12:46 PM

    People: Gérard Depardieu Relieves Himself in Plane Cabin

    12:35 PM

    German Fantasy Fest “Red State” Screening Page

    12:29 PM

    Facebook launches mobile messaging app

    12:25 PM

    wiki: David R. Ellis

    12:22 PM

    bloomberg: “Surfer Dies After Shark Attack Off South Africa’s Plettenberg Bay Coast”

    12:19 PM

    Soon, bulletproof human skin made from spider silk and goat milk

    12:19 PM

    12:17 PM

    12:17 PM

    12:14 PM

    wiki: Old school hip hop

    12:12 PM

    House Party 2

    12:11 PM

    Kid N Play

    12:05 PM

    Kenya: Crash Bus Driver Was On Police Wanted List

    11:57 AM

    Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

    iTunes: “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil”, Season 1

    11:56 AM

    11:55 AM

    Comic Smash!

    11:53 AM


    Rainn Wilson with Ellen Page in “Super”.

    11:52 AM


    11:50 AM

    11:45 AM

    Recent suicides by women in Batman raise alarms

    11:43 AM

    Greyhound Bus Accidentally Dumps Bull Semen On a Highway. Everyone Is Confused

    11:41 AM

    Feisty 90-year-old German woman beats up burglers with her cane after they break into farmhouse

    11:38 AM

    See SMOD this weekend in Texas! Babble On and Red State in San Antonio in Houston.

    11:36 AM

    Bionic Man

    First Look: Kevin Smith’s Unproduced ‘The Bionic Man’ Movie Turned Comic Book

    11:34 AM

    Finnish ferry ran aground while the captain was stuck in the loo

    11:34 AM

    ap: Earthquake felt during Indians game

    11:29 AM

    Contact with aliens: Beneficial or harmful?

    11:22 AM

    ap: Hurricane Irene marks 1st big US threat in years

    11:19 AM

    Geography of Disaster

    11:17 AM

    Quake Map

    CNN: Quake hits near Washington, DC

    11:10 AM

    Gizmodo: Earthquakes Shake Entire United States (UPDATING LIVE)

    11:07 AM

    SIN Bin services resuming shortly here…Just a bit rattled after feeling first ever earthquake.

    11:04 AM

    Yes, I just felt the earthquake here in Central Pennsylvania…

    10:54 AM

    Thanks to today’s in-studio guest, Kevin Pollak! Watch his podcast LIVE this Sunday!

    10:48 AM

    10:46 AM

    10:37 AM

    Sophia Loren

    Sophia Loren

    10:36 AM


    10:34 AM

    Grumpy Old Men

    10:31 AM


    10:28 AM

    Nov 7, 1991: Magic Johnson announces he is HIV positive

    10:27 AM


    10:25 AM

    J.T. Walsh

    J.T. Walsh

    10:25 AM

    The Grifters

    10:24 AM

    Aaron Sorkin

    Aaron Sorkin

    10:22 AM

    Pollak - Littlest Suspect

    Amazon DVD – Kevin Pollak: The Littlest Suspect (2010)

    Buy it!

    10:19 AM

    Roger Ebert Review: “A Few Good Men”


    “What happens is that the movie brings us to the brink of a courtroom breakthrough, and then we get the scene that undermines everything, as Cruise explains to his friends what he hopes to do, how he hopes to do it, and how he thinks it will work. When Nicholson’s big courtroom scene develops, we realize with sinking heart that it is following the movie’s scenario. That robs us of pleasure two ways: (1) We are not allowed the pleasure of discovering Cruise’s strategy for ourselves, and (2) Nicholson’s behavior seems scripted and inevitable, and is robbed of shock value.”

    10:16 AM

    10:16 AM

    wiki: “The Seinfeld Chronicles”

    10:14 AM

    10:13 AM

    wiki: Morton & Hayes

    10:10 AM

    10:08 AM

    Pollak as Cupid

    Pollak as Cupid in “The Santa Clause 2″

    10:02 AM

    A Few Good Men

    10:01 AM

    09:59 AM


    09:57 AM

    09:56 AM

    09:52 AM

    09:46 AM


    gladwell.com : The 10,000 Hour Rule

    09:46 AM

    09:45 AM

    09:44 AM

    09:40 AM

    09:36 AM

    09:35 AM

    09:32 AM

    09:28 AM

    09:27 AM

    09:23 AM

    09:22 AM

    09:21 AM

    09:20 AM

    09:15 AM

    Please welcome @KevinPollak to the SIR Studios!

    09:09 AM

    see smod!

    Your favorite personalities from SIR and SModcast are coming LIVE to a town near you – For the latest complete list of appearances, dates, locations, and direct ticketing links, head on over to http://www.seesmod.com.

    09:04 AM

    09:04 AM

    09:03 AM

    09:02 AM

    09:01 AM

    09:00 AM

    08:59 AM

    time : Monster Las Vegas Ferris Wheel Aims to One-Up London’s ‘Eye’

    08:56 AM

    aol weird news : Driving Teacher Frederick Binder Charged With Serving Wine To Underage Students During Class

    08:54 AM

    imdb : Argo

    08:53 AM

    hollywood.com : The Daily Shuffle: Jennifer Garner Is Pregnant With Third Child

    08:50 AM

    time : Man Uses Twitter to Get Free Morton’s Steak Dinner Delivered to Airport

    08:45 AM

    bbc news : Discounted HP Touchpads sell out

    usa today : TouchPad’s demise a cautionary tale for iPad competitors

    08:43 AM

    Happy Borthday @JayMohr37!

    08:42 AM

    1 Football Field = 12 Jaws

    08:41 AM

    l.a. times : Monster Mash: Martin Luther King Memorial stirs debate about Mall

    08:39 AM

    l.a. times : Miramax looks to boost tiny Facebook movies market

    08:37 AM

    in touch : In Touch Weekly Exclusive: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith SEPARATE!

    08:36 AM

    08:35 AM

    fox news : ‘Hound Dog’ Songwriter Jerry Leiber Dead at 78

    08:33 AM

    08:31 AM

    08:30 AM

    08:30 AM

    08:29 AM

    l.a. times : Nick Ashford obituary: Half of Ashford & Simpson songwriting team dies at 70

    08:27 AM

    08:26 AM

    entertainment weekly : January Jones is ‘not as approachable as others,’ says Bobby Draper

    08:25 AM

    washington post : Kate Winslet helped carry Richard Branson’s 90-year-old mother out of burning house

    08:23 AM

    08:21 AM

    The fishies have no eyes!

    08:21 AM

    wiki : Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

    08:15 AM

    Grab tickets for this week’s New Beverly run of “Red State”.

    08:04 AM

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