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Thursday SIR-vice! Here’s Your SIN Bin For August 25, 2011!

August 25, 2011 Scooped By: Brad & Chris [No Comments]
  • Welcome back to another day of fun of live SModcast Internet Radio, with your broadcasting SIR-vices set to kick off once again at 8 AM PST and run through at least 12 noon PST. It’s been an exciting, fast-paced week so far, with the gang having tons to catch up on after being gone for a week, plus attending local gigs twice nightly at the New Beverly which is running red all week long (get tickets). Still, the hardest working folks in the biz continue to kick off the day every week with 4+ hours of FREE audio entertainment.

    Your SIN Bin starts here.

    Listen to the archived episode of PLUS ONE PER DIEM.
    Listen to the archived episode of JAY & SILENT BOB GET JOBS.

    12:06 PM


    12:02 PM

    Thanks to special guest Ming Chen for joining Jay & Bob in the studio today. Listen for him live in the stream tomorrow. Kev & Jen return live on Monday.

    11:57 AM

    11:53 AM

    NHL 12 Demo Goes Live on PSN and Xbox Live

    11:48 AM


    Your favorite personalities from SIR and SModcast are coming LIVE to a town near you – For the latest complete list of appearances, dates, locations, and direct ticketing links, head on over to http://www.seesmod.com. This weekend – TEXAS!

    11:46 AM

    1995: “Pearl Jam Bows To Ticketmaster”

    11:41 AM

    The awesome smodcast.com site built by Ming Chen and The Uprising.

    11:29 AM


    wiki: Batman: The Widening Gyre

    Buy the SIGNED SET at the Secret Stash!

    11:27 AM

    bionic wiki: Bionic Ever After

    11:20 AM

    Barney Hiller

    Barney Hiller, The Seven Million Dollar Man

    11:16 AM

    bionic wiki: The Seven Million Dollar Man

    11:15 AM

    11:12 AM


    11:11 AM


    On the phone: Walt Flanagan

    11:05 AM

    Robin Scott

    View the works of author Robin Scott on Amazon.

    Follow @Erotica_Scott on Twitter!

    11:03 AM

    Visit the World Famous View Askew Message Board.

    10:58 AM

    10:57 AM

    Mr Softy

    10:53 AM

    Walt & Bry

    Walt & Bry

    10:50 AM

    Puck Nuts

    smodcast: Puck Nuts

    10:45 AM

    wiki: Dial-up Internet access

    10:44 AM

    Powerbook 5300c

    10:43 AM

    site: The View Askew Board

    10:40 AM

    View Ming’s Official Page at ViewAskew.Com.

    10:37 AM

    Call in now! Talk to Kevin, Jay & Ming!


    10:36 AM

    Amanda Bynes

    10:32 AM


    10:31 AM

    10:29 AM

    10:29 AM

    site: The Uprising Creative

    10:27 AM

    Ming Chen

    Welcome to the studio, web genius Ming Chen!

    10:25 AM

    Maskatron Girl

    10:24 AM


    10:22 AM

    Iggy Biggy

    10:09 AM

    Up next – Jay & Silent Silly Bob Get Jobs!

    10:07 AM

    10:06 AM

    Coming Soon to the New Beverly – “Red State Sunday Services”? Stay tuned…

    10:03 AM

    Red State

    Buy Tickets for the 6:30pm show here! 9:00pm is sold out!!

    10:02 AM

    Very few tickets left for Houston shows!

    Red State all week at the New Beverly!


    09:58 AM

    site: We Sing Your Tweets

    [HS] Holiday Sweet – @ThatKevinSmith

    09:55 AM


    time: ‘Maggie Goes on a Diet’: A Kids Book About Dieting? Not Without Controversy

    09:51 AM

    mtv news : ‘Treme’ Actor Michael Showers Found Dead

    09:51 AM


    09:51 AM

    09:49 AM

    09:48 AM

    09:47 AM

    vulture : Universal Scraps Plans For Its ‘Ouija’ Movie

    09:46 AM


    09:45 AM

    09:45 AM

    09:43 AM

    The new Apple headquarters.

    09:42 AM

    ny times : Apple Is the Most Valuable Company

    09:41 AM

    09:40 AM

    09:40 AM

    09:39 AM

    wsj : Jobs Quits as Apple CEO

    wiki : Steve Jobs

    09:38 AM

    09:37 AM

    09:36 AM

    09:34 AM

    l.a. times : Jim Carrey declares his love for Emma Stone

    09:33 AM

    washington post : Hurricane Irene: Tracks shifts west, potentially “extremely destructive” for East Coast

    09:29 AM

    09:29 AM

    thewest : Martyred SEAL’s dog refuses to leave his side in final journey

    09:25 AM

    cnn tech : Twitter founders fund new project: Lift

    09:24 AM

    huff post : Sara Gilbert And Partner Allison Adler Split After Ten Years

    09:21 AM

    happyplace.com : The most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage.

    09:20 AM

    09:18 AM

    09:17 AM

    09:15 AM

    09:14 AM

    09:12 AM

    09:10 AM

    09:09 AM

    09:08 AM

    09:07 AM

    Kevin Smith’s Bionic Man – get it today at Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash – 732-758-0508

    09:05 AM

    09:05 AM

    09:04 AM

    09:03 AM

    wiki : Becky Thatcher

    09:03 AM

    09:02 AM

    international business times : Black Hole Swallows Star, First Time Caught on Film

    08:56 AM

    weird news : Alice Svensson, Swedish Girl, Struck By Lightning Twice In Shower

    08:55 AM

    08:55 AM

    us weekly : Kim Kardashian, Shirtless Kris Humphries Make Out on Honeymoon

    08:50 AM

    08:42 AM

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