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Flip Flop Friday! Get Jobs THEN Plus One! SIN Bin for September 2, 2011…

September 2, 2011 Scooped By: Chris, Ming, Brad [No Comments]
  • What a week! “Red State” on VOD and “Secret Stash” is now an official TV show? Does it get any better?

    Welcome back to another wonderful day here with your live SIRvice on the wonderful SModcast Internet Radio! We’re hearing that the schedule’s gonna flip today, due to Kevin’s incredibly busy day and late night — So expect to hear Jay Mewes on the air starting at 8 AM PST, followed by an all-new “Plus One Per Diem” starting around 10 AM PST. With all the excitement of yesterday, you can bet that the gang will have a lot to talk about.

    If you’ve yet to rent “Red State”, do it — The film plays incredibly well at home and brings you an absolutely perfect “night in” during this extended holiday weekend. I checked out Amazon’s HD version last night and it looked and sounded incredible. Do yourself a favor and watch the amazing “Red State” during this limited VOD run. Some fans around the world are frustrated they can’t get it, so take advantage and enjoy if you’re here in the States with us.

    And now, on with the show – It’s SIR in the morning, live! Follow along with us right below as we present today’s SIN Bin action.

    Listen to the archived episode of PLUS ONE PER DIEM.
    Listen to the archived episode of JAY & SILENT BOB GET JOBS.

    11:29 AM

    11:21 AM

    Jim Paratore

    11:16 AM

    11:12 AM

    11:09 AM

    Ken Plume – not to blame

    11:06 AM

    1 week from today is SIR’s 4 month anniversary

    11:04 AM

    In agonizing pain

    10:59 AM

    10:56 AM

    10:53 AM

    10:51 AM

    10:31 AM

    Did @ThatKevinSmith Burn Out? @__ChrisLee on the director’s recent topsy-turvy history & the role pot’s played. http://thebea.st/pE2xHS

    10:29 AM

    Ladies and Gentlemen – Kevin Smith!

    10:25 AM

    Come catch Jay & Silent Bob Get Old LIVE at The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre at Universal Citywalk jayandsilentbobgetlive.com – 10:00pm tonight!

    10:22 AM

    Happy Birthday to MC Chris!

    10:18 AM

    Happy Birthday Americo! Send Birthday Love to @Americo76

    10:17 AM

    THR: David Lynch Opens Paris Nightclub

    10:16 AM

    10:13 AM

    On the phone: Jersey Joe Bangles

    10:13 AM

    10:12 AM

    wiki: 1994 Northridge Quake

    10:10 AM

    10:07 AM

    mashable: Apple Puts Old Version of Final Cut Pro Back on Sale

    10:05 AM

    cNet: Is a nuclear-powered car in our future?

    10:03 AM

    brownsville herald: Netflix to lose Starz network

    10:01 AM

    cbsnews: Future iPhone concept: Laser keyboard and holographic display

    10:00 AM

    engadget: Toshiba’s glasses free 3D TV launches in Europe as the ZL2 this December

    09:57 AM

    Go to Gamefly.com/smod and get a free 2 week trial!

    09:54 AM

    09:50 AM

    newsarama: DC UNIVERSE Reboots in September

    09:49 AM

    09:49 AM

    09:47 AM

    09:47 AM

    09:46 AM

    09:46 AM

    09:45 AM

    09:44 AM

    imdb: PS I Love You

    09:43 AM

    See Jay and Kevin in LA, Boston, Vegas and Red Bank, NJ – seesmod.com

    09:39 AM

    tmz : Feds: T.I. Tried to Buy Machine Guns, Silencers

    09:39 AM

    09:37 AM

    cbs news : Rapper T.I. is back in jail one day after being released from an Ark. prison

    09:35 AM

    09:32 AM

    espn : De La Hoya’s disclosures no surprise

    09:30 AM

    Be a part of the SIR broadcast today! Phone lines are open…. 323-645-8100

    09:30 AM

    09:27 AM

    09:26 AM

    We want Mohr!

    09:23 AM

    Kevin on TMZ

    09:21 AM

    09:18 AM

    09:15 AM

    09:14 AM

    Mewes in high school.

    09:07 AM


    09:05 AM


    09:00 AM

    08:57 AM

    08:52 AM

    08:51 AM

    Khal Drogo

    08:51 AM

    Daenerys Targaryen

    08:46 AM

    Your favorite personalities from SIR and SModcast are coming LIVE to a town near you – For the latest complete list of appearances, dates, locations, and direct ticketing links, head on over to http://www.seesmod.com.

    08:44 AM

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