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Kev & Jen are Back! SIR & SIN Bin for Thursday, November 3, 2011…

November 3, 2011 Scooped By: Brad & Chris [No Comments]
  • Here we go! Kevin and Jen are back at the mics for another SMorning today, before heading east to Vegas for two shows at the Hard Rock. It’s Thursday, and so we’ve also got a fresh issue of new LIVE “I Sell Comics” after that, with Mike & Ming. After having to pre-record last week, it’ll be a treat to hear the guys back live, taking your tweets and questions in with the program.

    We’re with you all the way – It’s the SIN Bin for all of today’s live action. And it’s starting. NOW!

    Listen to the archived episode of the SMODCO SMORNING SHOW.

    11:12 AM

    Thanks for joining us on the SMorning Show – Stay tuned for “I Sell Comics”!

    11:08 AM

    11:06 AM


    time: What We’ve Been Waiting For: Zero-Calorie, ‘Inhalable’ Caffeine

    11:01 AM


    Babble on Saturday in Vegas!

    11:00 AM

    Vegas Tickets

    Get Old – Friday in Vegas!

    10:54 AM

    10:54 AM

    Jimmie Walker Doll

    10:51 AM

    Temperatures in Iceland


    10:48 AM

    Cruise Drill

    10:42 AM


    10:33 AM

    First-class postage stamps will increase 1 cent in January

    10:32 AM

    Wayne Quarter

    10:28 AM

    Weezer Cruise

    10:26 AM

    Wicked Queen

    10:22 AM

    Your favorite personalities from SIR and SModcast are coming LIVE to a town near you Ð For the latest complete list of appearances, dates, locations, and direct ticketing links, head on over to http://www.seesmod.com.

    10:09 AM

    10:05 AM


    A SModcast Cruise? SMuise?

    10:03 AM

    Swear by my sword
    Never to speak of this that you have heard.

    [Beneath] Swear by his sword.

    Well said, old mole, canst work i’ th’ earth so fast?
    A worthy pioner! Once more remove, good friends.

    O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

    And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


    09:57 AM

    09:56 AM

    09:54 AM

    09:54 AM

    Last Temptation of Christ

    09:50 AM

    09:45 AM

    09:45 AM

    Brian Cox

    Brian Cox

    09:44 AM

    Pyramid of Giza

    The Great Pyramid of Giza

    09:31 AM

    09:30 AM

    Red State

    Watch it on Netflix!

    09:29 AM

    Kevin & Malcolm

    Kevin & Malcolm

    09:28 AM


    09:25 AM

    Team Jack

    Subscribe or listen to Team Jack!

    09:23 AM

    Star Wars Cement

    09:20 AM

    KTLA: “‘Twilight’ Stars to Be Honored on Hollywood Walk of Fame”

    09:15 AM

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