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Jersey Represent! Live SIR is Back! SIN Bin for Wednesday, November 9, 2011…

November 9, 2011 Scooped By: Chris & Brad [No Comments]
  • Good SMorning, folks – Happy to be back with our special guest hosts of the SModCo SMorning show — Ming & Mike! As Kevin and Jen are headed to eastern Canada and Iceland this week, making shows a little tough to do, to say the least, but never fear — The boys from Red Bank, New Jersey have us covered for the rest of the week. Thanks for tuning in with us today.

    The SIN Bin walks through it and pops up the links, all for you! It’s the world’s only live interactive podblog! Watch it happen right here.

    Listen to the archived episode of the SMODCO SMORNING SHOW.

    09:26 AM

    09:24 AM

    09:20 AM

    09:17 AM

    09:13 AM

    09:12 AM

    09:07 AM

    09:06 AM

    08:59 AM

    08:58 AM

    08:57 AM

    08:54 AM

    08:54 AM

    08:52 AM

    08:52 AM

    08:51 AM

    08:51 AM

    washington post : Joe Frazier dead at 67

    08:50 AM

    bbc : Hip-hop star Heavy D dies aged 44

    08:49 AM

    08:47 AM

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