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LIVE Monday SIR! SIN Bin for Monday, November 14, 2011…

November 14, 2011 Scooped By: Brad & Chris [No Comments]
  • It’s a Monday, and with Kevin shooting Secret Stash on the east coast with the rest of the gang, it’s looking like most of our usual heroes are tied up during the SMorning block…Or ARE they? LIVE SIR starts right here — Who’s gonna rock the mic? Jay & Jordan, perhaps? Let’s find out!

    SIN Bin…NOW!

    Listen to the archived episode of the SMODCO SMORNING SHOW.

    10:31 AM

    Senior Wins

    time: High-School Senior Wins Iowa Mayoral Race

    10:30 AM

    Take The Couples Quiz!

    10:27 AM

    10:25 AM

    Coach House

    10:19 AM


    Life on the Swingset

    10:17 AM

    Vicky Christina Barcelona

    10:11 AM

    Cleaning Ears

    09:56 AM

    Your favorite personalities from SIR and SModcast are coming LIVE to a town near you – For the latest complete list of appearances, dates, locations, and direct ticketing links, head on over to http://www.seesmod.com.

    09:54 AM

    Vampire Diaries

    09:46 AM


    09:41 AM

    Sons of Anarchy

    09:38 AM

    Iceland Sun

    Iceland Sun Graph

    09:35 AM

    wiki: Geothermal power in Iceland

    09:34 AM


    09:28 AM

    Join Mewes in a CoD Gaming Tourney! 11.20.11.

    to play! to watch! @ The Lovitz.

    Visit: http://smodcast.com/duty/.

    09:27 AM

    Mr. Mewes?

    09:24 AM

    imdb: “noobz”

    09:19 AM

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