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With the completion of “Red State”, and no major appearances for a bit, Kevin is enjoying a small break, allowing him more time to tweet over the past few days. We’ve got a lot to share with you, including news that we’ll see “Red State” in less than SIX MONTHS, “Hit Somebody” continues to form on paper (with a lead actor to be revealed this week), deets on upcoming appearances, and tons more. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy from the past couple of … Read More »

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More costume designs have surfaced for the “Superman Lives” project, written by Kevin and planned for direction by Tim Burton. Yikes. Let’s hope that the new Zack Snyder version now in planning phases can come up with some better offerings. Thanks to Geek Tyrant.

Our pal Scott Kramer checks in with his review of “Too Fat for 40″ on On Demand Weekly. Here’s a taste:

…What is at the heart of my Kevin Smith worship? The man is a great storyteller. For many years, the only way most … Read More »

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Here’s some leftovers from the Twitter feed over the past 48 hours, covering a few “Red” questions (including news of a trailer existing), hints on extras for “Hit”, and, of course, lots new from the SModcast network:

Peep the brilliance of @StarkToons in a brand new, free SMODIMATION! http://smodcast.com/smodimations TheCrapture Pt.2: Jesus Strikes Back!This week on LIVE FROM @SMODCASTLE: the @EpixHD Too Fat For 40 press scrum! http://smodcast.com/livefromsmodcastle #PromoliciousVia @limbclock “Why not release and sell RED STATE as online only?” VOD? That’s not new. It’s a movie, so I wanna see … Read More »

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Not only has “Red State” wrapped, but a mere 2 days following, more than likely a first for any feature film, Kevin invited the entire cast and crew to his home to watch the first, finished edit of the film together. He went into some fantastic detail on the shoot, wrap party, and of course, this beautiful poster itself over at his blog, Silent Bob Speaks. Here’s a snippet:

…Here’s our RED STATE teaser poster.Moody, weird, and pitch-perfect for the tone of the film. If I went out to … Read More »

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Is anyone else realizing how amazing the cast of “Red State”, initially thought to be mostly unknowns, has shaped up? Greats like John Goodman, Michael Parks, Anna Gunn (from the fantastic “Breaking Bad”), Melissa Leo…These are some quality folks that Kevin’s managed to get on board for the project. This week, Kevin’s twitter reveals a few more comments on the shoot’s progress, as well as more links to new SModcast network programs, including the insanely popular new addition “Puck Nuts”, plus deets on upcoming shows at the one … Read More »